Unsuccessful Photoshoot

Before her 1 year birthday, we wanted a little photoshoot to hopefully capture a great family shot.  To our surprise, the days of having a cooperative child for photoshoots were long gone.


Then her desire to climb up the stairs and crawl began...

What to do but leave her be

After letting her climb up nearly a hundred steps, we thought we would give it another try.  Nope.  She still wanted to crawl.

In the end, she had fun doing what she wanted; crawling, playing with rocks, and more importantly, getting dirty.

Better luck next time

McKinney Falls Hike

With all the goodies we have been eating lately, we were in need of some exercise. A beautiful day for a hike along McKinney Falls where we got to enjoy some fall colors. A video of Vince sketching the landscape.


Below are some pictures. To view the entire album click here.

Posting Pics on Flickr

I've purchased yet another lens, Canon's EF 35mm f/1.4 USM, and have been looking for ways to share my pictures. Creating a blog may be a little too much so I've decided to post random pictures of everyday life to my Flickr account. For whatever reason Instagram has made it a pain in the ass to share pictures from Flickr or my computer. Until I figure out a way an easy way to share to Instagram, I'll continue to use Flickr. I've made my Flickr photo stream public. Hope you enjoy!

salvelazquez's Flickr Photostream