Annika's 4th Birthday

Poor Annika was sick for a week including on her birthday, however, she got to enjoy her special day opening gifts from her family and friends, eating long pasta as requested, and chocolate cake again as requested.  Luckily she recovered in time for her birthday party at Monki's Place where she and her closest friends got to play and jump so much a 2 hour nap was needed after to recover.

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Birthday chocolate cake
Don't touch my cake!

Getting her hair did for her party

Getting her hair did

Puchi and the Mamuchi

Birthday photographer!
Little Photographer

Annika playing with her friends from school (Thiago and Jeronimo)

Annika playing with her friends from school (Thiago and Jeronimo)
eSnack Break
Back to Playing
Picsa Break
Annika and Magdalena
Back To Playing
Cake Break
Back to playing
Back to Playing
Passed out!
A Nigh Nigh

Annika's First Haircut

Tired of Annika's hair constantly getting in her face, and her giving us a hard time combing it, we decided it was time for Annika's first haircut.  Julia found a place especially tailored for toddlers and their tantrums, where kids sit in little cars and watch TV while the hairdresser cuts their hair.  SUCCESS!!

Before the haircut on mama's lap, watching Dora!
Still watching Dora...
Comfortable enough to sit in a car and still watching Dora (the only way this gets done)
The Result

Annika's Rocking Chair

The Grand MiMi (Suzan) gifted Annika a rocking chair that she had personalized with Annika's name.  Annika, however, wanted to take part in the creative process and was not content until she, too, had personalized her rocking chair.  So the Grand MiMi helped Annika paint the back of the chair, and Annika proudly points to her artwork nearly every day.

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Annika's Second Birthday

Hard to believe another year has passed and our beloved Annika is 2 years old.  We celebrated her birthday with our good friends here in Bogota and Julia thew a little birthday party at Annika's jardin with the help of the staff.  

Below are pics from the party at the jardin filled with laughter and a couple of tears.

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Videos below...

One more video...

Embassy Holiday Party 2015

The U.S. Embassy was nice enough to host a holiday party for the kids to include a special visit from Santa. Unfortunately, Annika is still at the scared ****less phase when it comes to Santa.  This day also turned into a mini photo shoot.

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Annika in her festive Christmas sweats/warm-ups
Ready to go!
Annika, with Mom and Isa, at a respectable distance from Santa
Outdoors on a grass field and food in her hand - what's more to love?
Outdoors on a grass field and food in her hand - what's more to love?
Annika pondering her next meal
Leading with her stomach
Notice any resemblance??
Notice any resemblance??

Dinner At Marcela's

We are blessed to have Marcela in our lives and taking such great care of Annika. We were honored to have been invited to her house for dinner and to meet her parents and aunt. As usual the food was delicious and Melany showed us her muscial talent playing several songs on her guitar which included our wdding's first dance "Tabaco y chanel" by Bacilos.

Leaving Marcela is going to be one of the most difficult part of our upcoming move. 

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View of Quito from Marcela's house

Visiting the Rio Grande Valley

It was getting pretty close to a year since Abuelo and Abuela have seen Annika.  With Julia's blessing, Annika and I flew to McAllen to visit the folks for a couple of days.  Vivian and Richard were kind enough to rent a place at South Padre Island so Annika could hopefully enjoy the beach.  Unfortunately Annika did not approve of how sand felt on her feet.  Regardless, a good time was had and after a couple of days with the Cubans, she warmed up to them with smiles.

We will be returning to the RGV in September to further expose Annika to screaming Cubans and to give her another try at the beach.  Hoping for better results.

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Annika's First Birthday!

We're happy to say that our peanut survived one year with us as parents...which called for celebration. We had a small party with our closest friends, the GrandMiMi, and our very own Marcela and family. Annika was spoiled with gifts and love, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Apio Verde, Mani! We love you more every day.

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Unsuccessful Photoshoot

Before her 1 year birthday, we wanted a little photoshoot to hopefully capture a great family shot.  To our surprise, the days of having a cooperative child for photoshoots were long gone.


Then her desire to climb up the stairs and crawl began...

What to do but leave her be

After letting her climb up nearly a hundred steps, we thought we would give it another try.  Nope.  She still wanted to crawl.

In the end, she had fun doing what she wanted; crawling, playing with rocks, and more importantly, getting dirty.

Better luck next time