Texas Visit June 2017

After 3 tours or roughly 6 years of living at high altitude and in eternal spring, we decided to spend 2 weeks in South Texas during the month of June to remember what heat and humidity feels like.  Every day during our visit the high temperatures were at or above 100F and on one special day McAllen, Texas hit a record all time high of 111F.  We found shelter from the heat by spending some days at the beach in South Padre Island, driving to Blue Hole in Wimberly, Texas, and visiting a friend's swimming pool.  Cigars, scotch, and dominos were still played outside but we just had to wait till the cooler late afternoon.  Annika of course loved Abu's cooking, Vince's special pancakes, and took kindly to a medium-rare tenderloin steak.

It was great to visit the family but thinking our next trip will not be during summer months -- basically April through September.

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South Padre Island
South Padre Island

Video with the Cubans below or click here to view.

Drone footage of South Padre Island below or click here to view.

Video of Blue Hole in Wimberly, Texas below or click here to view

Austin Visit

Annika and I left the family in McAllen and drove up to Austin to meet up with Michelle, Vince, and Julia, who was in town to celebrate her birthday.  Along with eating a ton of great food in Austin, we enjoyed taking Annika trick-or-treating for Halloween, visiting Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and watching Tio Vince and Annika paint.  Annika was also estatic to ride mi boat (my boat) down the Colorado River.  

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McAllen Visit 2016

Annika and I spent a week in McAllen to visit the family.  Annika of course devoured every meal made by her Abu, and enjoyed running on the tall Texas grass, naps with Abuelo, playing with her cousins, and more of Abu's food.  Even though I had to work during the week, I was still able to enjoy quality time with my parents (playing dominos and smoking cigars) and family.

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March McAllen Visit

Back in March, Annika and I took a trip to McAllen, Texas to visit the family and to enjoy probably our last trip where Annika can fly on our laps for "almost" free.

I just started my new job at SURGE -- thankfully I have been busy hence the delay in my posts -- so unfortunately my days were spent working.  Annika spent time without "Abu", Abuelo, her Tio's and cousins during the day and our evenings were spent enjoying the South Texas breeze while the grown ups smoked cigars and played dominos -- yet another victory against the parental units.  Over the weekend the Perez family came over for some bbq and family fun.  Looking forward to our next trip!

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Fall 2015 McAllen Visit

Before heading to Bogota, we spent a few weeks in McAllen, Texas where we enjoyed spending time with the family and celebrating Halloween and the birthdays of Julia, Andrea, and Andres.

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Annika helping to pickout a Pumpkin
Annika dressed up for Halloween
Trick or Treating with the cousins
Happy Birthday to Andrea and Andres (Dad)
Martha and Eugenio
Mario and Ina

Fall 2015 South Padre Island Visit

Many thanks to Marco and Graciela for allowing us to stay at their place, La Isla, at South Padre Island. We got to enjoy the beach and spend time with the family even though the remnants of Patricia brought some heavy rain.

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Friday the 23rd
Saturday the 24th
Sunday the 25th

Chasing Seagulls
Such determination to get in the water
Not wanting to get out
Breakfast with the Tios
Breakfast with the Tios
Bad Prima!
Annika meets Pinto
Blowing Ana Luisa Off
Lunch with the Tios
Annika with Alinita

Fall 2015 Austin Visit

As a part of our home leave in Texas, we went to Austin for a week to visit Michelle, Vince, and Suzan.

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Pool Day
Friday the 9th
Deep Eddy
Wildflower Center
Midnight Cowboy

Pool Time!
First Corn on the Cob
There i am!
Butterfly at the Wildflower Center
Roaming around the Wildflower Center
Annika and the Grand Mimi at the Wildflower Center
Annika and Aunt M at the Wildflower Center
At Deep Eddy
At Deep Eddy
Drinks at Midnight Cowboy
Drinks at Midnight Cowboy
Drinks at Easy Tiger