Texas Visit June 2017

After 3 tours or roughly 6 years of living at high altitude and in eternal spring, we decided to spend 2 weeks in South Texas during the month of June to remember what heat and humidity feels like.  Every day during our visit the high temperatures were at or above 100F and on one special day McAllen, Texas hit a record all time high of 111F.  We found shelter from the heat by spending some days at the beach in South Padre Island, driving to Blue Hole in Wimberly, Texas, and visiting a friend's swimming pool.  Cigars, scotch, and dominos were still played outside but we just had to wait till the cooler late afternoon.  Annika of course loved Abu's cooking, Vince's special pancakes, and took kindly to a medium-rare tenderloin steak.

It was great to visit the family but thinking our next trip will not be during summer months -- basically April through September.

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South Padre Island
South Padre Island

Video with the Cubans below or click here to view.

Drone footage of South Padre Island below or click here to view.

Video of Blue Hole in Wimberly, Texas below or click here to view