Cotopaxi Continues to Spew Ash

Cotopaxi awoke on Friday August 14th with several explosions blowing ash thousands of feet high.  The last time it erupted was in 1940.  Since Friday's eruption, it continues to spew ash.  Luckily the winds have not blown it in our direction but on clear days it does make for some nice views.

Our home is far enough from the dangers of pyroclastic flows and high enough from rivers that might flood due to lahars.   Our primary concern is ash but again the winds have kept the ash from reaching us.  The big question is if Cotopaxi will have a major eruption, it's first since 1877.  In any event, preparations are taking place.  We are still on yellow alert, the lowest of the 3 levels.  For more information visit  

This picture was taken this morning in what is the first of many pictures to come.