Isla Isabela

With our time in Ecuador quickly coming to a close, we decided to take our long anticipated trip to Las Galapagos.  Because we wanted the peanut to experience the Galapagos and to fully take advantage of the experience, we decided it would be a good idea to bring Marcela, Annika's nanny.  As a bonus, it was Marcela's first time on a plane and first time visiting the Galapagos.  To save time and avoid the ferry, we took an avioneta, with no more then 10 passengers including the pilot, from Baltra to the Island of Isabela.  We are grateful that she could visit this part of her country with us even though she had a peanut that requires A LOT of walking.

Annika and Marcela enjoyed hanging at the beach side hotel while Julia and I took the opportunity to take some not-so-baby-friendly tours.  Posts regarding the tours will come later later.

We felt welcomed by the staff at the Iguana Crossing hotel (where the Iguanas actually cross to go to and from the beach).  The water was perfectly warm and Annika really enjoyed walking into the waves.  Quite a different beach experience from Texas.

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