Snowfall in Cotopaxi

On a rainy Sunday morning, I drove to Cotopaxi National Park to drop Vince off for his 5 day bikepacking trip.  Yes, 5 days bike riding at high altitude climbing up and down thousands of feet.  I too brought my new bike, which Vince graciously packed and shipped to me, to ride for an hour or two max.  Bike riding at 12,000 feet on sandy or grassy unpaved roads was difficult but the views definitely helped.

In any event, the drive up to the base camp at Cotopaxi, roughly 15,00 feet high, was cold and snowy - first time i ever experienced snowfall in Ecuador.  Vince rode back down while I drove and took pictures.  We later did a little riding in the park taking a brief break for lunch.  I left Vince where he and 2 others began a 5 day bikepacking adventure.