Marcela's June 2016 Visit

One of the most special people in our lives is Marcela, Annika's nana from Quito. Marcela raised Annika from the time she was 7 weeks old until we left Ecuador a year and a half later. And I literally mean "raised" and not just "cared for." She is simply one of the most loving and incredible people we have met, and we feel blessed that she has been a part of our lives. Marcela is an ideal role model for our daughter. She is patient, kind, honest, and fun; she values family, exercise, health, and being outdoors. And every day she imparts these values on Annika.

Of course, we begged Marcela to come to Bogota with us, but she politely declined as her family in Quito is too important to her. Still, we take advantage of her proximity and willingness to travel, and it is a treat for all three of us when Marcela is able to visit. Marcela came to spend time with Annika during her 3-week summer vacation...and we loved documenting this very special time for the both of them.

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