Christmas Weekend in Bogota

Our HHE arrived Monday and Julia worked very hard unpacking and getting the house in order in time for Christmas Eve.  We had a great Christmas Eve dinner at the Osland's and Annika enjoyed spending time with Isa.  For Christmas we chilled at our house drinking Old Fashioneds and opening gifts followed by Julia cooking a fantastic RibEye (meat from Argentina!).  We did manage to leave the house the day after Christmas and Annika was thankful.  She also got a chance to wear her new puff vest and holiday hat.

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Heading to the Osland's for Christmas Eve
Playing before heading out to dinner
Isa preparing cheese with sugar sprinkles
Isa making Annika cheese with sugar sprinkles. Delicious!
Our tree on Christmas Eve
It's a toothbrush!!
Annika's favorite gift is an electic toothbrush.
Old Fashioned
Old Fashioneds
Ribeye for Christmas dinner
Ribeye for Christmas dinner
Opening the last gifts Christmas night
Opening the last Christmas gifts while getting to enjoy a fireplace in our home for the first time
Santa brought her very own PFD
Santa brought her a PFD!
...and it's a hit!
Finally out of the house
Not amused
She does like for us to swing her high